Living with Mental Illness in your Marriage

Learning to support each other in an empowering and positive way

Do you struggle with Mental Health problems or does your partner? Or even both of you?

If so then this course is for YOU.

Let me be clear on this though, it's not a course where I sit there and talk about how hard having a Mental Illness is, because I know it's hard. Real hard. If you're looking for a learning course to sympathise with you, then this is probably not the course for you.

Here you will learn coping strategies within your day to day life to improve your lifestyle of you, and those around you. You will learn how to take responsibility for yourself and the actions you take every step from now. I will teach you how to be proud of who you are and how to minimise the impact that your mental illness has on your day to day living. This is an all out wellbeing course.

I will hopefully touch on most aspects of life and we'll try to discuss and reflect our outcomes and experiences. I'm in this to learn along with you too.

I'm also proud to say that we are inclusive and diverse at the Relationship Blogger, so if you feel anything should be added to this course then please feel free to tell me.

Raymond Baxter
Raymond Baxter
Personality Builder and Abundance Creator

About the instructor

Raymond has worked tirelessly with the Charity Sector; building personalities for people that struggle with getting in touch with their emotional side. Over the span of ten years Raymond has risen from volunteer to Project Manager, overseeing several confidence building and community cohesion programs within the East of England.

What's included?

9 Videos
1 Survey
10 Texts
6 Disqus

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